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Page history last edited by Yvette 10 years, 1 month ago

Felt significant to "officially" make note of this change.


I removed "Joyful work is a personal term used refer to what previously defined as "prosperous play". "

As well term "better world" from the front page where I've stated my hypothesis  as it evolves. 

The reason is that a current theme with inclusion has been how to get through the difficult part of what it means as a practice. In particular as a practice that has to be voluntarily embraced as a personal one. 


So what happened?

I realized that not everyone isn't reaching for happiness in their life and that what a better world means varies depending on who you ask. Clarifying terms on a case by case basis is an important part of having the process work successfully as a collaboration. 


This goes back to why philosophical issues such as exploring and defining terms that create resistance that interferes with organizational processes in this digital Attention driven age will soon be on the radar of leading edge companies and organizations. 

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