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Early Supporters

Concept and Process Art, Installations, and Institutional Critique offer a multitude of opportunities to advance "art with purpose" as an area of inquiry rather than a discipline. A primary consideration in this area of inquiry is the impact on the advancement of the automation of social responsibility. Because of the art based research foundation personal growth exist as a outcome or effect. Both these aspects is embodied in a new understanding of Source:Art as CRM Strategy for business. and organizations. Rather than seeing customer relationship management through the lens of technology WebAntiphon CRM also integrates the realities of relationship, which is an experiential based approach. This approach also gives Meaningful Marketing as a social responsibly program  




The project is exploring approaches to hybrid type or interdisciplinary concepts - combination of gift and socially conscious for profit economies. Rather than filing and documenting aspects of this work for the purpose of exclusivity, my interest is in establishing authenticity and source of origin in establishing value.



What is File-Reg?
File-Reg International was founded in 2000 to provide a legal, affordable and secure method for the online registration of Intellectual Property other then Patent or Trademarks through the use of PKI technology incorporating Personal Digital Certificates, Digital Fingerprints and Digital Time Stamps


One of the founding owners of File-Reg was among the first to express early support and interest in the potential of this art project series. Works from the series have been registered as intellectual property shared by the creators.


SICU a for-profit business innovation founded by TOM Merilahti

“I have also the honour to announce her as one of the global partners of the globally active virtual organization, the SICU Synergy Solutions Group (SICU SSG Las Vegas). Yvette is an inborn multilateral thinker, and a creative with a capital C. She is a great collaboration partner, who has over again shown her ability to to connect the seemingly unconnected through her multidimensional project, the Cultural Fusion, among many other things. I warmly recommend her as a co-creator and collaboration partner for anybody.” October 9, 2008

TOM Merilahti (Tom@Sicusynergy.org), Founder, Marketing Integrator & Communication Coordinator, SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected)



Early conceptions for the first large scale installation and event concept I was interested in acquiring fabric made from recycled plastics. While doing my online radio show I had the opportunity to connect with a preferred supplier of the this material.



Recycled Clothing for Running, Cycling, Hiking, Climbing, Paddling, Yoga, and Just Being Active

Hi! We're Atayne. We make outdoor and athletic clothing with a point of view. What's our point of view? Well, since you asked...

We don’t just make outdoor clothing, performance apparel, or workout clothes; we make it from trash (or recycled materials as others might say).

And we don't just make recycled clothing; we make it with a voice. We think a lot of people would rather promote their values than the mark of a billion dollar brand.


Interview where using remnants from Atayne manufacturing and possibly the number tags discarded after the runners complete the race was explored

Jeremy Litchfield: Changing the world with Sports Apparel from Trash

Today's guest is Founder of Atayne, a sports apparel company leading the way in triple bottom line businesses. In addition to learning a bit about the history of the enterprise, Jeremy will also illuminate the challenges & rewards of maintaining the highest CSR standards throughout company. http://www.atayne.com http://thestoryofaredshirt.wordpress.com





Non-Profit Organization


See Organizations for longer listing)


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