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where Ron wrote:

This may seem a bit overdone, to add a page where Humanity:Ronald_Wopereis describes his perception of Humanity:Yvette_Dubel.


Still, in the art of unknowing, it is essential to understand that all communication is Ambiguous by nature. So my perception of Humanity:Yvette_Dubel may be totally different from her own, or from anyone else's perception.



On his page for me I added his testimonials from my profile page(s), so I endeavor to do the same here.


From Naymz:

"Ron has so much to bring to any team he joins, the most valuable of these assets are his attention and his integrity. His work with his theory of Attention has proven transformative and I look forward to seeing all that emerges from it. Ron is a consistent pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him."


From Linkedin:

Attention Architect at Cultural Fusion

I've yet to find the word for what Ron is...so I state the obvious he is clearly a partner with me in Cultural Fusion and through our collaboration have discovered a new way of working. What he brings to any team or project is his depth of curiosity and understanding. Working with Ron in terms of exploring the fullness of the question that emerges from a need or needs is simply transformative--resulting in a kind of soulful satiety that has helped me to clarify the value of CRM Strategy by awakening to what SoulFood Traditions+Attention have to offer community and business. Working with him has been proof that there is value in unique Attention. There is MUCH to be learned/shared by working with Ron and I highly recommend him. Only the best! February 16, 2007

Yvette Dubel (Source Artist at Cultural Fusion) was with another company when working with Ronald at Cultural Fusion.


Author of [Bilocality And the Inner World of Attention] at What is Attention?

To say the revelations of bilocality are life altering is an understatement! It touches on and illuminates areas as diverse as business/organizational development, CRM and marketing strategy, philosophy, community development and health care because the ideas are so available in the context of stories. See full review here: http://www.lulu.com/content/228479#content-reviews August 1, 2006

Yvette Dubel (Pres. & CEO at WebAntiphon Corporation) worked with Ronald at What is Attention?.


Club Leader - Attention as a Product at Ecademy

Hi Ron, I continue to be amazed at how our questions intersect and collaborate, even when we don't know it. The result is always something amazing (Thank you)! It has undeniable value, but the challenge becomes how to describe what isn't yet quite understood..."what is value" The reply to the question is not words it's the stories of dialgues as you help advance my work and the journey. May 26, 2006

Yvette Dubel (Pres. & CEO at WebAntiphon Corporation) was with another company when working with Ronald at Ecademy


From Ecademy: Yvette DubelBasic Member [ 30-Mar-06 5:13am ]

Meeting Ron has been the catalyst I didn't know was waiting. He has the the incredible gift of helping others experience the power of attention. In his work with attention and PoD I have discovered points of convergence with my own work that have proven a great source of illumination. As a networker he's amazing because of his talent for pointing out the right people for me to contact to advance/enhance my projects and/or my journey in life.

Ron is the kind of person that makes social networking a joy that is more than worth the time. He is an inspiration on so many levels that I intend to remain in close contact as we develop our mutual aspects of this work. He is one who can demonstrate how to balance intellect and intuition with grace, so you'll want to take notes.

Thank you, Ron, you have my deepest gratitude.

Only the best,





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