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Yvette this is your space to tell the audience what meaningful marketing is.


Updated 5.13.11


Working on something earlier today I had an ah-ha moment that has moved me enough to include it here.

WebAntiphon:Meaningful_Marketing is marketing with a Bigger Vision of your brand, business, or organization. The phrase "marketing with end in mind" jumps out. In prior years most of my attention focused on the social benefits of this work, but recently I am looking more deeply at its business value. Since this is vital to my sustainability strategy, it something that must be carved into chunks everyone concerned can digest. This means answering the "what's in it for me?" question. 


During the course of my inquiry it became clear that most people feel overwhelmed already. Much of the ideal market for sponsorship positions are folks who are overwhelmed by the pace of new technology. It took me awhile to identify a technological starting point that would not take my attention off course in this project. Having found it I thought it was time to seriously work on the e-book.


One of the challenges was that traditional marketing think is based on manipulating customers, which in turn connected to the way that most people think (expressed through deed not words) about production of workforces and both tend  to encourage a disconnect to their humanity. Therefore many business or organization decisions are not integrated with social impacts. This is not something that most people think about day to day nor do they have systems that would make this relatively simple.


That is the infrastructure I have written about or around several times in my webantiphon community change management blog  It would normalize meaningful marketing or at least increase the adaption rate...but those are backend details. 


One of the things it is designed to help manage are meaningful marketing services. WebAntiphon:Meaningful Marketing asks sponsors and collaborators to think about the legacy of their brand or enterprise. I was inspired by what I felt would be the legacy of modern art.


I am working on Sneak Preview e-book, of the full length book in progress "The Wealth Isn't in the Box", that I'll be sharing soon. It will help show you how to put a BiGGER vision of the brand into action without having to dive into the deep end of the pool.  One of the biggest questions it will answer is how this is different from your typical art sponsorship, why Attention Quality is important if brand longevity matters to you. If you'd be interested  join the group where I will share it first.


Here's a bit of what I was writing today:

"At the end of your life, who will remember your business brand?

When you pause to imagine a future where archeologists are searching through artifacts from the decade ahead, do they find anything about you or your brand?


What is the legacy that you are creating with the work to which most of your time and attention is devoted?


These are the kind of questions that inspired me as an artist, to do this work. But for many years as a community development and enterprise consultant I was unhappy with the way my passion, my values and my business goals had fallen out of alignment.


Like many of you I felt called to use my work to do more. Something that spurred me along to that one day – today, was that in modern art a good deal of attention goes into work demonizing brands perceived as evil. Award winning ad campaigns ring empty and are quickly forgotten, but millions are spent on them. The abundance and quantity of attention going to work that in too many cases failed to capture the substance, rather than just the stuff, of our lifetime was certainly shaping the cultural legacy of modern art.

This became the focus of my artist practice. I have combined that passion with my talent for strategic planning and innovation, and my understanding of both relationships and meaningfulness in marketing. After years of studying Charismatic Brands and brand longevity, an offer has emerged combining these multiple facets to create holistic campaigns to drive sustainable value."


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