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From my post at Urth.TV


"In that sense i see my Source:Collaboration with Immortal_Ego:DaughterOfHell as an antiphon ...growing from the point where they converge which is at Organization:Scarybirds and the rise of Immortal_Ego:Sadistic_Ophelia. She was created so DOH would have someone to play with... This Cultural_Fusion Project represents my new approach to working with clients, and DOH is volunteering as a case study."

A similar conclusion may be drawn for the other Source:Collaborations.



The approach being one of inquiry with trust, humor, curiosity, and informality. That helps illuminate our roles as a specific type of artists and me as an SoulFood:Executive_Chef/Art:Artist within the Context of the Cultural_Fusion SoulFood:Kitchen.


Sample approach in SoulFood Context

From Attention:Dialogue with Ron, i wrote:

i guess it is like SoulFood:Cooking a real SoulFood:Meal where not everything occurs at once ... SoulFood:Dishes that take the longest to cook are put on first, those that require the least prep work and SoulFood:Cooking time are put on just before the SoulFood:Meal is served; and while the first is simmering, baking, etc. the SoulFood:Cooking isn't done until the SoulFood:Meal is served. And the SoulFood:Executive_Chef makes a commitment to pay attention to the SoulFood:Meal until it is ready to be served...to pay attention to the Project as others are brought in to set the stage and execute the SoulFood:Serving.


What is commitment?


Commitment is when i Pay_Attention_To my Project and only touch yours at the point where they converge AFTER you request my input.


This is a lesson from what i learned from Ron what Attention:Frustration is. Frustration means "not my problem" in that i have reached the boundary of what i can personally control.


Commitment in Comfusion is the path or point around which the Comfusion:Founding_Members converge to create Comfusion as a more solid virtual place where lives can be transformed.


In this context, can this perspective work like a magnet to attract the SoulFood:Ingredients, Art:Artist, the Business:Sponsorship, the Event:Organizers, Source:Context, the Space, the Attention:Connections, etc. until everything that is needed is acquired?



Reference Ron sent from Wikipedia ontological commitment:


In the philosophy of language and metaphysics, an ontological commitment is said to be necessary in order to make a statement in which the existence of one thing is presupposed or implied by asserting the existence of another. We are “committed” to the existence of the second thing, even though we may not have expected it, and may have intended to assert only the existence of the first. The kind of secondary entities in question are typically abstract objects such as universals, sets, classes, or fictional objects.



See also freedom from Ron's blog


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