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An Artist Problem Solver specializing in Art as Solution and/or context for solutions.


See: Humanity:Yvette_Dubel


In the game of Art and SoulFood; she is the Artist

In the game of Business the Source Artist can be called many things and fill many roles within an organization. However,  to optimally engage her "super powers" the position must harness her passion creativity and personal innovation while providing both freedom and security.  These positions can include CEO, program director , artist-researcher or 

Business:Chief_Ideas_Officer .


The SoulFood:Recipe for each new Art:Project is this:

  1. Game Setup. There is a question that you have. this is really the Source of creation. In terms of SoulFood, you've got yourself an SoulFood:Oven.
  2. Opening Game. there is a Attention:Dialogue because one is the Source and the other is the Business:Creator.


Source Artist Process (see image below)



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