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Shopping is a Process, or preparation for a SoulFood:Recipe in the context of SoulFood.





Shopping : to examine the stock or offerings of <shop the stores for Christmas gift ideas>3: to offer for consideration or acceptance ; especially : to offer for sale or in a trade —often used with around<shopping the manuscript around>




I have the idea of a SoulFood:Meal, which is the outcome of a SoulFood:Recipe. To create the SoulFood:Meal, I have a SoulFood:Recipe in Mind, for which I need SoulFood:Ingredients. These SoulFood:Ingredients are on my SoulFood:Shopping_List as I enter the shop.

Now when I am in the shop, and some of the SoulFood:Ingredients are not available, I will re-consider my SoulFood:Recipe and consequently reconsider my idea of the resulting SoulFood:Meal.

So the shopping is really a growth Process, a Attention:Dialogue between my idea of the future SoulFood:Meal and the availability of the SoulFood:Ingredients in the reality of the shop.


It struck me as interesting that Ron and I do not shop the same. When I do my list, I feel better if I can also get an idea of how much to budget for that occassion and I do prefer to have a list. I am flexible enough to reconsider when I get to the store because I am certainly known to change my mind.


SoulFood resolves the inner conflict of authentic self with professional status quo, in this case Project Planning. It does not seem possible to do a project plan and associated task and remain connected to source. How do I know? Inspiration stops.


In the virtual world design it is possible really mess something up and its no big deal. The worse that happens is I have recreate it. This has been tremendous in getting over the fear of doing it wrong.


SoulFood with its orientation towards true value, flexibilty and collaboration keeps the best of business in a way that the heart is always connected in steering the path forward.


The idea of creating art that brings all these ideas together actually entails alot of needs that I have not noted here. It doesn't really occur to me that anyone else is paying attention. Still blows my mind that people get updates of these changes and some actually read them!!


So I guess the main items on my list when I started this were:

Quality Attention for developing a culture of peace

Support for developing a body of research towards those ends that did not take me away from my own inspiration as an artist



Ron, wrote something similar in a message yesterday.


That has evolved somewhere between the idea conception and making this list into 3 research studios and the virtual one we are developing "inworld".  Yes, I think i prefer Research Studio ---- that feels better.


Kyle, the co-owner of ReactionGrid, reminds me often, its like flying the more miles you chart the better you get at it. The more attention i pay to being inspired the more that guides and results are better than any project plan I would have come up with. The very process of stepping away from my attention changes everything.


OK, so I will use this pbwiki to give me the structure for the game...I haven't sorted that out in connection with the labyrinth paths.  I can't believe I didn't get that before!



So it is interesting to note that I had what I needed before I realized quite why or even when I would need it.

The mind map and Ron's role and Ingredients make alot more sense now.

There is a connection between the shopping and the cooking. It is perhaps Radically Inclusive? How does Radical Inclusion related to quantum? Ron, will you add links for all this when you have time?


At any rate, what I see that makes this shopping more that itemization I think of in project  management is that in the creation of the list I realize that something I already had available as an ingredient eliminates multiple items on the list.


Also, there is a connection between this and SoulFood:Cooking. Instead of strategy tasks as in business we take the stroke concept from game where multiple moves are allowed in relationship to specific pieces and the game rules, in SoulFood these are combined and something additional is added- maybe somethings.


Insight about relationship between SoulFood:Shopping and SoulFood:Cooking

Consider you have  recipe for a potato pancake-latkes, potato galette, etc

You can have a list for potatos and grater on the shopping list. There is an energy expenditure associated with those items...manually grating the potatos as called for in the recipe.

Now consider what happens if you decide to get frozen grated potatos instead.

You have changed only one item on the list, but you have eleminated several steps in cooking. You no longer have to wash, scrub, peel or grate potatos.





3D Research Center


Land with "ownership" ability to build, etc

Technical Support

Wall with script (this was result of class mentioned on CF page)


Widget or javascript for Clarity

Video tutorial on how to set up cell phone updates for this pbwiki

Widget to provide updates from within the 3D world

Help designing a paradox inventory






Cross Over

At the start of the Process, there is a list of SoulFood:Ingredients available. Those are the Business:Resources.

And there is a list of SoulFood:Ingredients missing. These are the Needs.


Shopping is then the act of expressing the needs.


Some SoulFood:Ingredients are not for sale in any shop ; they must be produced brandnew. This type of SoulFood:Ingredient is the result of Source:Collaboration. An example is the SoulFood:Vibe of a Project, which is created as we work together. This is the Process called CF_Website:Grow_Yourself.


Thus, CF_Website:Grow_Yourself has a Source:Relationship with CF_Website:Express_Yourself.


When we see our Business:Talents and Business:Skills as SoulFood:Ingredients available, then to CF_Website:Grow_Yourself means to express those SoulFood:Ingredients ; the act of SoulFood:Offering samples, of Source:Collaboration, with the desire or Need originating from life itself (the need to grow) as an increasing SoulFood:Vibe quality.


  1. self is the SoulFood:Ingredient in the Process called CF_Website:Express_Yourself




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