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Page history last edited by Ronald Wopereis 13 years ago

Role on the Cultural_Fusion website


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Category: Role

SoulFood: examples are the SoulFood:Cook and their SoulFood:Guests



with the introduction of the new perspective "GamePlay"

it is now possible to assign each Role to its own game : Art, Business or otherwise


A role equals the Cultural_Fusion CF_Website:Membertype ???


A role describes the Need of an individual.

A role describes the Business:Resource of an individual.


The Need is what brings this individual to Cultural_Fusion.

In order to meet their Need, the individual brings a Business:Resource to the table.

The Business:Resource is what meets the Need of another individual.


List of roles

  1. Business/Agent
  2. Art:Artist
  3. Business/Broker
  4. Source:Collaborator
  5. Business/Customer
    1. Free_customer
    2. Feebased_customer
    3. Project:Sponsor
      1. Organization:iFOSSF
      2. Organization:MFC
      3. Organization:ODNS
  6. Event:Event_Planner
  7. Fundraiser
  8. CF_Website:Member
  9. Business:Creator
  10. Business/Supplier
  11. CF_Website:Visitor

Comments (1)

Ronald Wopereis said

at 8:51 am on Jul 5, 2006

Yvette can you do two additions here?

One is where you find each of the Roles in terms of SoulFood. So the Artist would be the Cook ? The Broker might be someone who does the shopping, etc.

And the second one is where you establish possible relationships in terms of projects ( aka deals ?) where each Role both needs and resources. So there the question is : how do Roles fit in together to become Projects, Events, Exhibitions, etc.

No need to be complete or even accurate. As always, leave blank what you do not know yet. This project is one of learning about an apparently strict order in unraveling.

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