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Issue I


Oci Novosti.pdf

Oci Novosti-Balkans.pdf


Issue II





As much as this is absolutely an introduction to Oci Novosti the concept, it is also an invitation to you. And before we get into what you're being invited to join in on...Because one defining element of this path to peace is the valuing of the individual, it may help to understand what we're bringing to this as artists.


As a Life Artist, Ronald Wopereis is a facilitator who helps individuals and organizations make the transition from actions to principles, reality, and goals/outcomes. Ron pulls from a bank of exercises and extensive knowledgebase to guide people through the process of uncovering where movement is stuck, unlocking why, and then creating alternatives.


Ron spent over twenty years as an IT consultant, project manager and business consultant. For the last few years Ron has earned a solid reputation as an expert networker. A very diverse set of trainings in creative thinking, Attention:Belief management and professional networking accompanied an authentic interest in the design of a totally new way of living and working. This project has been a journey of personal development and growth shedding light on the evolving relationship between the individual and out global community. This has been a process of illumination, revealing the essential nature of WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy infused with Attention...the philosophical deconstruction represented at this site does have practical implications for building a sustainable society starting with the areas we'll be exploring. The world being what it is requires that we dig deep to find creative solutions for embracing radical inclusion.


As the Source:Artist and Business:Chief_Ideas_Officer my specialization as a consultant is relationship strategy in the framework of CRM (customer relationship management) and CSR/GSR (global social responsibility) based on meeting needs for WebAntiphon:Meaningful_Marketing, expanding stakeholder rewards, community and economic development, art-cultural fusion-creativity as investments in peace one step, one project, one person at a time. My previous work has included small business and community development consulting, freelance writing, and of course art as both an artist (primarily mixed media paintings) and consultant.


Your reliable outsourced team is always tailored to your needs. What makes the teams we build for you distinctive is the fact that we rely on intuition as well as critical analysis draw from our extensive global network of expert Business:Contacts to ensure you get the best value and highest caliber of service every time you collaborate with us, whether it be to engage creative or other professional business services. We respect our networks so we seek to make only the best connections both for customers and strategic alliances...the value exist because of the relationships with our close contacts.


However beyond the practical side has been the human journey. The persistent inquiry into personal development as the converging point for encounters that transform mere consumers into feeling-thinking customers. And this seems to define the heart of WebAntiphon:Meaningful_Marketing that moves consistently towards sustainable growth, here centered on art, cultural appreciation, creative expression as Attention:Dialogue...it has been discovered that passion (love) can be engaged with attention to the individual that is infused into the process where the intention is creating replicatable models.


Oci Novosti is one concept, and Oci Novosti Balkans is a specific application of what seems to be emerging as a SoulFood:Cuisine.


Essentially Oci Novosti



Humanity:Irena_Gapkovska says: "So we can meet my pessimistic reality limitations and your encouragements as project...to discover the meaning of Art as a factor in the life of the State, and to make ourselves acquainted with it as a social product. We have to recognize that the system can sometimes be the problem -- more accurately, power dynamics that are rooted in the system can be a problem. The system says this is how we expect you to act and to speak. But arts offer a freedom and goes beyond the system."



The paths of three women and two men converged to create the sparks that would unite in Cultural Fusion. Two of these women found themselves as artist in each other as they traveled the path of friendship inspired by the question “what is peace?” A Macedonian cat person and an American dog person were introduced by tender-hearted trash talking Scotswoman (originally from Liverpool), the most honorable Queen of the Scarybirds. Despite the differences and distance between we have encouraged, inspired and grown together and in that process Oci Novosti has been born with the encouragement of a clever Scotsman and Attention:Dialogue with a Dutch life artist.


The development of our friendship and collaboration is a testament to the power of social networking enabled by technology. What we have learned has transformed our lives, our work and our art. Our convictions about the role and value of art in community renewal and economic development has grown stronger because we see again and again the transformative power of art….cultural appreciation….sharing...the embodiment of cultural fusion in collaboration when attention to the individual remains a priority.


In our friendship we have found valuable insights about the paths to peace.


Our work separately and together endeavors to share these insights and shape them into programs that will rebuild our communities, one neighborhood...one project...one person at a time. We celebrate the value of the individual and the power of the creative spirit as we collaborate to remember, celebrate, and promote businesses and individuals with the heart to invest in peace. Where does creating a culture of peace begin? With you and me...we don't say we have ALL the answers...instead we are simply sharing this reply when we asked "what can i do?" as part of the quest to discover WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy infused with Attention.





When you see the World’s Need, Do You ask “what can I Do”?









To create “boutique” solutions that advance the automation of global social responsibility (GSR) based on Social_Capital focused WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_StrategyCRM strategies].




To explore the possibilities to create a sustainable culture of peace and responsibility that values and celebrates art, culture, and creative expression.




Inspire people to explore art, culture, and creative expression with joy and curiosity.


Invite support for Cultural Fusion Art:Works and Art:Projects as steps toward systems that involve increasing numbers in automating GSR through concepts explored in SoulFood Tradition


Invite others to participate in this new framework resulting from the Cultural_Fusion Series and approach to WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy infused with Attention.




  • Cultivate a context for developing relationships based on radical inclusion that recognize the unique person-hood (Attention), freedom, and value of individuals.


  • Explore and develop new models of customer interaction based on appreciation and emphasis on the value of the Source:Relationship as an approach to “closing deals” and driving loyalty/retention.


  • Develop solutions that involve as many as possible within an expanded “creative class”.



  • Connect with people by sharing ideas, a bit of soulful joy and converging passions.







Are you considering how an incarnation of Oci Novosti can benefit your regional initiative?


The planned print editions will be for the Balkans in Macedonian and perhaps another in Dutch for the Netherlands to follow.



This experience with Art makes possible a Attention:Dialogue that can speak the languages of Love and Attention that translate for Business transforming them into Ingredients for SoulFood:Dishes in these SoulFood:Meals as part of this cuisine called Oci Novosti.


An example of what this could mean to you....

Items can be utilized as part of your strategy for building brand capital, WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy, incentive programs...offering unique promotional items, business gifts, mobile context marketing or added to your product line for resell. An example being the artwork "002eivorm eerste schaal " featured in Fusion_Installatie_Genesis(which also available for sponsorship) has been generously offered by Anita_Prinsen to kick things off in this direction. Imagine, in addition to presenting this as a memorable "promotional gift" to your highly valued client, we can also work with you to negotiate with the artist (working with our fine art printing experts) to feature the piece in a limited edition of signed fine art prints and downloadable wallpapers, even developed for simple games or puzzles for computers and mobile devices. Who will start the bidding?


Instead of the expected division in customer status, this project will explore customer relationships in terms of phases in relationship evolution. Starting here with Introduction.


The Content


The heart of the content in the magazine features art and the concepts that have been explored and unearthed during the art that has been this heuristic device. As sponsored artworks the work would be available as wallpapers for cellphones, prints, posters, t-shirts, note cards, etc. The community site, which has a first sponsor but needs additional support, will host the growing number of artists interested in joining.


In addition to art are essays, Attention:Dialogues, and reviews giving voice to individuals exploring the path of peace with attention to love, personal development and sustainable development whatever the actual topic might be.




You can see a sample of Oci Novosti Balkans (focus on art themed and eco-tourism) now in progresshere And you can see Oci Novosti here ocinovostiv1i2-magazine.pdf


Attention Sponsors


Any members' work at the site can be included if a business selects to sponsor it or an artist may sponsor their own or someone else's artwork. Sponsors can participate by providing goods, services or funding needed to complete projects in exchange for increased visibility, relationship building opportunities with target market(s), cultivation of a targeted mailing list...and solutions supporting the management of that list.


This is where everyone is invited to Experience where relationships can be built by engaging and meeting mutual Needs. Here we have the opportunity to discover Global Social Responsibility on a personal and community level as reality instead of just a future possibility.




Art:Artists (Content Creators)

Benefits for Art:Artists who are seeking to build a business by generating revenue from their art:

1. Opportunity to license artwork for promotional campaigns

2. Opportunity to be commissioned for new work

3. Opportunity for marketing sponsorships that enhance your appeal as provider of creative services or strategic partner

(featured galleries, etc)

4. Sponsored WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy via support for engaging customers and advocates

5. Laser targeted leads and Business:Contacts for your mailing lists


Benefits for Businesses that are seeking to build brand awareness, customer loyalty and cultivate brand advocates:

1. Opportunity to deliver offers in a context that gets more attention and uses both short and longterm strategies to drive sales

2. Opportunity to use creative content to engage and advance emotional, as part of the customer relationship management process

3. Opportunity to use content and/or event sponsorships to communicate your brand image...engage customers/advocates in building and maintaining your brand community

4. Opportunity to use content and delivery strategies that drive word of mouth

5. Enhanced your organizations appeal as a strategic partner and supplier

6. Laser targeted leads or Business:Contacts for mailing lists

7. WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy with support for engaging customers and advocates




Creative Content that transforms leads into customers and then keeps them.

For example:

Using context messaging via mobile devices our team helps promote your offerings as an artist (prints, paintings, ringtones, imprints on clothing, etc)...deliver sponsored content promoting for example, a supplier of organic cotton t-shirts seeking to establish/solidify its brand identity as socially responsible, cool and easy to find. By integrating "bluetooth technology" when your potential customer is near an outlet or event that carries your brand a contextual communication is delivered.


Get this free and when you tell three other people about it get 25% off your next purchase at XYZ Stationary Store, 123 Organic Clothing R US, ABC Frameshop and Gallery or the MNO Music Venue.




In addition to benefiting the above as noted, this idea can be expanded for a more substantial anchor sponsorship opportunity. As noted the creative content can easily be used to promote events, as well as providing an attention grabbing context for a sales offer. It works to promote events that can include (but not limited to) concerts, art receptions, workshops, Business:Competitions, open houses, grand openings of all sorts and more...



It can also provide an ideal sponsorship for a company that has a free demo of its contact manager software. By providing it to mobile devices as well via the internet it can support the strategy of advancing relationships by being attentive to needs even as you introduce potential customers to your products/offers.



Information on downloading the magazine (as .pdf) will be added here when it's ready. And when the community site for Oci Novosti** is ready the link will also be shared here before it is submitted to search engines.


For the contact manager software trials the level of functionality after the trial period still needs to support this primary "WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy" product concept...for example still allowing access to contacts, adding new Business:Contacts only when offers are forwarded, and less independent search and integration capability. So now when we find the company to fill that sponsorship need the groundwork has been laid in terms of defining the criteria this free trial...the value has to extend beyond the demo period.


Registration, ticket purchases, Attention transactions, small "plug-in" sponsorships, and full versions of featured software can be purchased simply with automated ease using a cell phone or on the web.


See: Business:Sponsorship and Project:what-is-peace


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