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Installation seeking a home or homes and sponsorship.

This installation piece combines software, conceptual - process, interactive performance art happenings and event marketing. Contact me for details.


Because at the heart of Cultural Fusion is the quest to create or contribute to creating a culture of peace I am interested in including text and historical information from UNESCO's Culture of Peace project  as a component in the piece. Although no interest has been expressed on his part....

House of Card normally refers to some material instability. In this piece I am inviting people to explore those intangibles that are actually responsible for material stability despite the illusion of instability. In systems, such as economies businesses are regarded as the substance when actually it is the people....going deeper, at the individual levels it is our breath that is the real substance fueling our life but we take that for granted - overlooking it to pay attention to those things which are dependent upon us...mistakenly thinking they (the systems and structures which support them) are in charge.



Up until now history has emphasized commemorating wars and battles - essentially shaping cultures based on internalizing national/tribal histories of conflict.. This piece will present information of real value in the context of the work, and then make that available in a more useable way for the audience. (Note to Brooks: this is where I hope you can help)


In this series- the process has brought me to the understanding that peace in the world will come by achieving peace within. Documenting and sharing the history and present of peace is a vital part of this process. While UNESCO has definitely led the way, the program remains largely obscure in the minds/hearts of most.  The practical value and application of peace building needs to be presented in the context of relevancy to business and economics - as part of community renewal/development. Art, properly conceived, can provide the bridges between them.


I propose the use of art - not in a one off sort of way - but the mulitlateral context that Cultural Fusion is pioneering with "Art as Philosophy" to deliver art with purpose. Each piece is conceived to integrate the various elements shown in the diagram below, but activating them depends on SoulFood:Ingredients made available through collaborations and sponsorships.


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house of cards i3NEW_flashmo.swf



first draft----> cf-house of cards installation floorplan.pdf


House of cards has recently been a term used primarily to refer to our weakened economy and perceived business landscape that has been defined largely by corruption and greed. However, I assert that this misses the point and negates the real foundation of what we have come to value about the potential of commerce.


Photo manipulation from my cf AaP house of cards installation studies - currently doing a series of small scale projects to work out the concept for large scale public implementation and interactive web based piece. See original diagram cfAaP_House_of_Cards

Interested in participating in this project? See this blog post: at the Cultural Fusion Partners Network


Revised sketch of installation plan - suggestions and invitations for site locations welcomed.

























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