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this is the Source:Context called project

A project is the context for a Source:Collaboration



Project creation (analogue flow = female view)

A project is a creation following a recipe with two apparently opposite flows of energy:

The two flows of energy are in reality two perspectives on one and the same energy. Ron calls this phenomenon bilocality.

Methods used in Comfusion: Attention:Dialogue, Source:Collaboration


Project creation (discrete steps = male view)

  1. SoulFood:Meal: There is a question that is the Source of the Need to express yourself.
    1. Methods used in Comfusion: Attention:unknowing
  2. SoulFood:Ingredients: There is a Source:Context of the question. See for example Comfusion:Herstory_History.
    1. Methods used in Comfusion: Express Your Self
  3. the Source:Collaboration between the Project:Artist, the Business:Customer and the Project:Sponsor

Result is the outcome, the Art:Work. This could as well be a Business:Deal, or a digital Art:Piece, an Event, and so on.


Cross Over


List of projects

  1. CF-GoGameRoom
  2. Fusion_Installatie_Genesis
  3. Global_Conference_Center
  4. Hotel_Infinity
  5. Immortal_Ego:Sadistic_Ophelia
  6. Project:Attention_IS_a_Product
  7. Project:AttentionDialogueCF
  8. Project:Oci_Novosti
  9. Project:stek-jes
  10. Project:what-is-peace
  11. Framed Installation
  12. CF-Game Installation
  13. Ocean Wall Installation
  14. Automated Service- May I help you?
  15. Alternative to annual reporting
  16. Breathing fountain Installation


List of pages in this space

  1. Project:Development
  2. Project:Management


Category: Mapping


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