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installation art is a type of Art:Work



Installation art is Art that uses sculptural materials and other media to modify the way we experience a particular Space. Installation art is not necessarily confined to gallery spaces and can refer to any material intervention in everyday public or private spaces.


**Installation art* incorporates almost any media to create a visceral and/or conceptual experience in a particular environment. Materials used in contemporary installation art range from everyday and natural materials to new media such as video, sound, performance, computers and the internet. Some installations are site-specific in that they are designed to only exist in the space for which they were created.


Update August 28,2008


From the project website:

More artist than admin, Yvette Dubel, occupies this role at WRLU.


As a virtual destination and thought/feeling space this is part of an Installation Art piece emerging from my inquiry into Conceptual & Process Art and Institutional Critique. Here those are merely jumping off points. As part of the Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy series the intention is to create works with purpose. World Reverence for Life University (WRLU) was inspired by a Source:Collaboration with the Organization:Reverence_For_Life of Jamaica.


.....some time later that morning the update continued:


Since it seems it may be more important that some information be added than that I stop the flow of sharing with my selective preoccupation with perfection, I will add this here for now accepting that I will likely find a better space for it later. Now if we will forgive me that, I can go on...


Recently the need emerged for me to simplify the presentation so that someone outside my head could actually understand the dots I was connecting in a way that is relevant to them. It would take too many words to describe what led up to this realization (that is what art is for), but in the end it was a sense of humor that got me through what was actually a tearful process.


From the Conceptual & Process perspective this is all part artwork. On another level, the installation in discussion that is the bridge was created independent of any of this, within the paradox that everything is connected. It emerged spontaneously in the wee hours of the morning, waking me up to write it down. Pondering it I began to explore the idea of public art as feng shui for communitites. Not in any real sense of attachment to the philosophy of feng shui, per se; as much as in the sense that art shifts the energy of place/space and it can do so into a more positive zone. Art itself is used in feng shui to bring in the energy of that given piece. Likewise the energy of creation has an effect, depending on the clarity of those undertaking said creation as a process.



CF Installation then is an expression of this idea to implemented in what could be seen as "troubled" communities, as a what some would see as similar to a feng shui cure. Furthermore, it assumes that quality of Attention and purity of intention that carry the idea from energy to materialization has an effect on the resulting artwork and its impact or effectiveness as art with purpose. See the "See also" links at the bottom of this page.


Synchronicity Alert: One of the post it notes I was working on when I got the message that set off this recent series of updates was about how to define art. The fellow emailing me didn't know it but he was inquiring the very same question that had kept me up the night before. I am almost 70 post it notes into the presention and still wrestling with the definiton presented midway through.


Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner.

Source: Wikpedia


Synchronicity is one of the"magic" ingredients that is included in each artwork and that is intentionally infused into every piece.

While I have my assumptions, my goal is to bring them out for exploration in the work rather than arbitrarily projecting them into the work. The ones with strong emotional charge are the ones of the most interest, understanding such as a cry for attention.


The result is that I have a SoulFood:Recipe and several "test kitchens" or virtual studios or research labs or whatever you want to call them. There are connections between the projects, some stronger than others and so for me they are not separate BUT it is necessary for me to present them that way if I am to connect the dots so that others can feel/experience/see those relationships and know the signficance of them in the context of experience of their own creation.


Why Installation ART? Because an Installation is not complete until you show up to engage and interact with it, it is incomplete until you add your SoulFood:Ingredient ,and this applies whether you show up to express SoulFood:Hunger to be Fed (aka SoulFood:Eat), Pay Attention or to Collaborate.



I now see that there are also some insights here about Assign_Value_To.

What gives something value? Who decides?


Well, I can see that in art, the Artist gives value to their work and the audience and buyers either agree or diagree, but that has nothing to do with the expression of the artwork itself. It merely relates to the amplification of its energy.

In order to advance (move up a level) in playing this game, or to become a collaborator, the player has to know the value of their ingredient. If one does not know then the game becomes to find out.


I now understand the higher value I have assigned to what I understand as Source Art being expressed through these projects. And now being forced to choose one to feed first makes sense. In the sense that I have used my own product, Eaten from my own table and been nourished.








BlogPost:VR, CSR, and Art

World Reverence for Life University




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