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Just as SoulFood:Recipes are assigned to a specific SoulFood:Cuisine, each Art:Work belongs to an Art:Series. Welcome to the Immortal Ego SoulFood:Cuisine.


The Immortal Ego is an Art:Series in support of Organization:MFC is the brainchild of Humanity:Kerry_Santo. It is a cosmic Fusion between Art, spirituality, mythology and general madness. Fused - you can't tell where the human starts and the cartoon ends.



Immortal Ego Introduction (rough draft)

by Immortal_Ego:Sadistic_Ophelia


The rain pounded harder and as others ran indoors for cover she was being called out. Undetected she slithered and pounced, defying the laws of gravity that ruled mere mortals who refused to see what not pleasing to their eyes. She had been summoned by the cries of the unheard, dejected, and abused who refused to become like those who committed injustices and crimes against them, taking advantage of the guiltless. Some might call it insanity what has emerged as the Grimoire of the Immortal Egos but like much of reality it is the opposite of what it appears. Mortals trapped in a reality that denied them justice, dignity, safety, and so no longer content to wait for others to give them what was their divine right they slipped…one by one into the dream world where their Immortal Egos can reign without fear of consequence.


Perhaps you've heard of children that have been abused and create an alternate ego that experiences the trauma that scars them and they believe that they are elsewhere. This other place is one that rises out of the open misty shadows where unspeakable transgressions are perpetuated and amplified by the millions. You know it is not uncommon for victims to create stronger more powerful alter egos who can protect them and maybe spare others the burdensome torment they have suffered. For you to deny them this right to be, to express our truth, is to commit the crimes all over again because in so doing you deny our right to find peace and restored honor.


Because we are the evidence that convicts should anyone care to convene a trial. The Immortal Egos share boldness in our stride. She moves about in the world emerging from dark gutters as the Daughter of Hell having shed her weaker human self. The cruelty endured has pushed our face into the nasty stench that is hell on earth for the helpless, the downtrodden and the poor. She is the Queen Scarybird leading a positive uprising in a dark in sinister manner.


Why is the accusation of being demonic evil and vile not launched at those who inflict the pain, ignore and tolerate corruption? It's almost humorous that so many refuse to look at their own handiwork, so when I or one of my minions crosses your path and you recoil in horror at our appearance or tales of our journey ask yourself what part you play in the evil perpetuated on innocents? Do you tolerate injustice by turning a blind eye and honoring vows of silence only on issues of consequence?


As others moved frantically to avoid getting wet they all made every effort to protect their clothing, a gently reminder that it is how things appear that matters, not what they really are. Look deep and long into our eyes, sit back and listen to the stories and know the horror that brought us each into creation. Unlike all the good people who see our unearthly, sometimes decaying appearance, and judge us evil, you are reminded not to judge a book by its cover. It is no accident that the cosmetic industry makes a fortune selling hair extensions, selective plastic surgery and all manner of alterations that are considered vital by some.


But that is not us. When you look me in the eye, listen to the story I tell you - help to confront the ugliness and injustice. That is the first step to transformation. Let this peaceful revolution begin.



Immortal Egos as explained by creator Kerry Santo:


Anyway I searched the internet to find out what an Immortal Ego I stumbled across The Seven Principles of Man and The Classification of Reality and also Man--God or Creature. This led to more research which in turn led to discovering about Norse Mythology and to discover what being a Heathen was all about which led me to the NineNobleVirtues. Which are the values that I had, and I had been looking for in others, that I found so difficult to put into words.

[The Grimoire of Beneficial Vengeance>http://odeo.com/channel/98490/view]



Production Process

  1. Retain Art:Artist for collaboration
  2. Present character concept and samples
  3. Work with Art:Artist to review/revise drafts
  4. Approve character art
  5. Develop character prints


The complete list of immortal ego


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