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Humanity: Dawn_Vaz_Green

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Humanity: Dawn_Vaz_Green


Dawn is a late bloomer who started painting professionally on her 50th birthday. More recently she has moved into a new career as a writer of inspirational material. Both her paintings and writing are a beacon of light for all on the journey of self discovery.

Dawn is a mother and grandmother who has had interesting careers in apparel merchandising, cosmetology, art curator and event organizer. She has provided consultanting services to a range of community nonprofit organizations over the years.


We are also collaborating to bring her Green Oasis card line to targeted audiences internationally. This is one of the research projects being developed for the World Reverence for Life University - CF Innovation Institute. In addition I am interested in developing a special series addressing women's issues and we have attracted Penny McCoy in that enterprise.


Another project being developed to take the WRLU (link coming) courses beyond virtual reality to real world destination sites is The Self-Management Institute – promotes seminars and workshops for individuals and groups using Desmond’s 7-step program, ‘The Practice’. The Practice outlined: - 1. Conscious Deep Breathing; 2. Self-Talk; 3. Healthy Nutrition; 4. Exercise; 5. Unconditional Self-Acceptance; 6. Vision and Purpose and 7. Spirit of Generosity.


This is less about goal achievement and more about awakening to become aware of your own process in the areas identified.



Cultural Fusion- Active SoulFood Ingredients Dawn and Desmond together provide internal-female/external-male perspectives of BreathFusion and Reverence for Life. This is less an issue of gender than it is the yin and yang of energy whole-ly expressed and perceived, it will present this bilocality consistently.


See also: BreathFusion

Awaken to your Breath

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