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this space is reserved for the Source:Context of gameplay



A *game* is a perspective from the Attention:Bilocality of whole and parts.

A game describes the transactions in terms of alternating black and white GamePlay:Strokes.


Input: Hunger for physical stimuli is then substituted by hunger for recognition.

Output: Hunger for moulding (CF_Website:Express_Yourself). If not possible, people get bored (a kind of emotional starvation)


SoulFood perspective are Games of Source:Acceptance: The Cultural Fusion series yields CRM strategies that create Source:Context for games to engage and nourish, so that a bridge exist to sustain connections to solutions. Then it is no longer necessary to want people to change or long for global social responsibility because we are participating in the remedies.



Recommended read : Games People Play, author Eric Berne.


To re-state Berne's definition, one can think of a game as a series of interactions (words, body language, facial expressions, etc.) between two or more people that follow a predictable GamePlay:Pattern (see also: SoulFood:Recipe). The interactions ultimately progress to an outcome in which one individual obtains a "payoff" or "goal." In most cases, the participants of the games are unaware that they are "playing."


Game Theory offers three categories:

  1. GamePlay:Zero_Sum_Games : if i have it , you don't have it
  2. GamePlay:Non_Zero_Sum_Games : one and one is three
  3. GamePlay:Infinite_Games : In an infinite game you dont play BY the rules, instead you play WITH the rules. Finding out what the rules are IS the game.


Game elements

  1. GamePlay:Board is the initial Source:Context and Content of the game, the potentia, the start, before any GamePlay:Stroke has occurred. Typically, east and west are opposite games. In western games like chess, the Board is full with Content, and as Strokes occur, the Content empties. In eastern games like go, the GamePlay:Board is without any Content, and as GamePlay:Strokes occur, the Content fills.
  2. GamePlay:Goal is the final Source:Context and Content of the game, the reality, the result in the end, situation where none of the GamePlay:Players see any more usefull GamePlay:Strokes. Game Over !
  3. GamePlay:Player is the Attention of the game, the people, the software, those who perform the GamePlay:Strokes.
  4. GamePlay:Material is the Business:Money of the game, the Business:Resources and Needs, the hardware, the SoulFood:Ingredients, that which is altered by the GamePlay:Strokes.
  5. GamePlay:Strokes are the Process of the game, the growth or change from GamePlay:Board to GamePlay:Goal, the rules that make up the game.


Additionally, there is something called an evaluation function, resulting in the assessment of current Source:Context and Content.

Humanity:Anita_Prinsen says: when i start creating an Art:Work, i am completely "in the paint"; the more details i add - i.e. the more the Content evolves into being (form) - the more often i need to "take distance" from the Art:Work.


Stages in gameplay

A pattern of GamePlay:Strokes in GamePlay is called SoulFood:Recipe in the SoulFood tradition.


  1. The Game Setup. Here the GamePlay:Board is charged with GamePlay:Material.
  2. The Opening Game. Both GamePlay:Players deal their first few GamePlay:Strokes. Spring season.
  3. The Middle Game.
  4. The End Game.
  5. The Game Score. The final usage of the evaluation function.

In zero-sum games, the outcome like this: "And the winner is ..."

In non-zero sum games, the outcome a sense of SoulFood:Sharing, like when all SoulFood:Guests have eaten sufficiently and they sit together digesting their SoulFood:Meal

In infinite games, the outcome a sense of inner joy, dancing life, authentic fullness ... inner strength overflowing beyond the whole ... being source.


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