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1. Question had been asked of me: Are you a futurist?

     A) Is a futurist one who invest part of their attention in the future?

2. Question: What is Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy?

     A) see Answer at the end


It has been observed that not everyone is willing or able to pay attention to the question. One needs free attention to pay attenton to what i would call the BIG questions.


It is not until being able to come without resistence could one can find the right questions.  One of the most beautiful parts of this process for me have been questions. They contribute to openness - creating space.

what can i do?

what is peace?


Instead of creating a process we have paid attention to the process of creating in order to apply what we learn to meeting the Millenium Development Goals.



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Bernard Lietaer talks about the relationship between the money system and sustainability

While there are those within institutions that see the problem, I find there are far less who understand the fundamental issues that are being ignored that will have a dramatic impact on the outcomes expected from current investments of majority of attention and resources.


Bernard Lietaer talks about the relationship between the money system and sustainability

While there are those within institutions that see the problem, I find there are far less who understand the fundamental issues that are being ignored that will have a dramatic impact on the outcomes expected from current investments of majority of attention and resources.


Since Free Attention (quality matters) is important to precieving the right question that is a first issue to be addressed.


How to create free attention on a one to many - many to many scale consistently?

This is the value of the processes in Cultural Fusion - Ron's Attention Diagram and SoulFood,  The Attention flow through generations is allowed to flow forward when we identify where it was blocked and pay attention to how it has flowed foward to the present. This is flow of love over time by its existence creates a space for it to be - potential expression..


I believe that is at least  a definitive part of the SoulFood:Ingredient


Attention Dialogue

What follows and what came before


In order to survive existing organizations must learn to adapt to 1)inclusion 2)diversity 3)open systems

Connection to related Cultural Fusion and SoulFood concepts

as part of the emerging landscape. This landscape calls on us to integrate new levels of understanding. In the same way that old technology makes use of previous levels of understanding- so to has this had an effect on our economic and institutional systems.


How do new levels of scientific understanding get integrated into the mass consciousness when it ask us to make significant leaps in our orientation to the world we create?


When looking at the Rebuilding of Economies/Communities - genuinely addressing core (or Source) issues to transform systems and foundations means paying attention to the intangible assets that deliver consistent value.

1. Social value (reduction of crime, recidivism, reduction/elimination of homelessness, reduce/elimination domestic violence-child-senior abuse, etc)

2 Cost efficiency (savings in justice system expenditures-incarceration, parole, reduction in cost/workload for social services, stop familial cycles that divert resources)


Who is interested in this dialogue?



Some time back someone asked me if I was a futurist. I don't recall what my answer was but I doubt it was "yes" , more likely i said "maybe".





Today i revisited this idea and it struck me that was a profession might actually be a good fit for me. Furthermore it struck me that indeed there is a place for what i do - focusing on art based



It seems most "professional futurist associations" focus on policy, methodology standards and training. Within a sort of private practice or think tank context these groups address insights to specific industries or policy considerations.


Yet, it seems to me, the real value lies in shaping vision of trends, challenges, and resources into practical solutions that are also creative and inclusive. It seems that most of these communities are seeking to put new wine into old wine skins. By that i mean that it appears to me that although some may see the pieces of the puzzle the importance of application in an evolving contexts is missed. This is in part because materialism is the driving force - despite the verbiage used underneath it is that people are trying to figure out how to create financial revenue generation models that are sustainable. In most cases, truly non-traditional business models are not really considered because economic activity is still envisioned within the existing systems. Despite the indicators of its decline - most attention is going towards holding it up rather than creating new ones.


New business models means it will need to work with both the existing and emerging economies.


The pieces of the puzzle are all around us now, but haven't joined together yet. - Howard Rheingold






Each of the most visible groups/organizations seem to be applying traditional organizational structures and ways of thinking - suggesting the opposite of what we have learned from the move towards open systems. It seems the continued assumption of many is that industry & policy makers are the best investment of attention and social capital.


What if that approach simply mimics the existing paradigm? Majority of resources (in this case attention) flowing in one direction while the side experiencing the lack of resources (again attention) are largely ignored as under valuable individuals.

What this has helped me see it that my instinct was that this is not the case. Any change that comes about without addressing this fundamental reality will only be superficial and


deliver band-aid solutions.




I put forward that deep knowledge of Attention is going to be required for anyone wanting to operate in this realm of futurist in a way that will foster fundamental transformation at all levels - from the personal outwards. This is the lesson of SoulFood as a framework for understanding how this works, Source Artist Process and Ron's Attention Diagram are the methodology.

The Attention Flow Diagram is important to creating free attention which in turn is necessary to particpate in an economy or enterprise of abundance or creation.


This is the context which called the Source Artist Process forward as the recipe= THE ULTIMATE ANSWER.


Note to Ron: Perhaps this is what your Attention Institute will help to do?

I think the evidence more or less supports this - it has been philosophers and artists that shaped, inspired and initiated social change. These are the groups that inform the knowledge of policy makers and become the points of reference for academics & writers after the fact.


Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. - Albert Einstein



Interestingly I also notice an absence of art - artist or awareness of art based solutions as a multilateral framework to move beyond discussion of problems within narrow realms of consideration and closer to solving those challenges with global perspectives.


What if we shifted more attention towards empowering those in need AND engaging policy makers/business leaders in being a part of that process as key to their own survival/growth?



If Cultural Fusion has been moving me closer to any profession, i feel it is futurist.


i am an artist in whatever i do, so this is not in conflict with that. But where i felt business consultant was an inadequate representation of what i wanted to provide as a service, this label seems much better suited to what i do.


This page marks the intention to start a group of Cultural Fusion Futurist with a working group in regional economic development (where regions are redefined by reality of globalization and virtual reality)- instead of business consulting in the narrow sense we will focus on the business IN Context.

Answer: A futurist application of winning by sharing.





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