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! [Business:Sponsorship] !!


You are now here [UserMenu]: [Enter_Hotel_Infinity]/[Business:Sponsorship] In challenging times the value of social capital (an accepted intangible asset with undeniable value) takes center stage.


It's OK not to know, the point is being willing to discover the answer(s). Times (contexts) are changing, and they are doing so at a faster speed as globalization has an undeniable effect on regional economies. Organizations of all sizes are in need of new ways to navigate largely uncharted waters.


What does that mean for your organization?


Art has been long accepted as an avenue both for Social Capital and Value- Attention. This series is exploring how the artworks can also meet the needs of business by providing [GSR-Global_Social_Responsibility|CSR/GSR], [WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy|CRM strategy-retention campaign], [WebAntiphon:Meaningful_Marketing|meaningful marketing], or support integration with all of those into a product launch.


If you are interested in the following ideas, you may qualify as a Business:Sponsor.

1. Intangible assets have value that can be expressed through approaches based on reverence for life

2. Systems supporting the automation of global social responsibility have value, socially and commercially

3. Radical Inclusion is possible and can be done to the benefit of the whole

4. Synchroncity is key to identifying probable convergence

5. Reverence (respect) for life (including the planet) encourages social capital

6. Social Capital can be amplified and leveraged by technology and art

7. Social Capital infused systems as solutions have commercial value (New video coming soon, connect at one of our Cultural Fusion groups to get that update.


Developing the Attention Sponsorship idea in context of future trends and model for collaborating with Artists.


SICU founder (Tom Merilahti), who is in Finland introduced me to File-Reg and as a Partner in the SICU Synergy Solutions Group Global Partnership Program led to connecting with the founder of File-Reg who lives in the Netherlands. In addition to our own Cultural Fusion spaces on Linkedin , Facebook, Twitter, etc. SICU spawned SICU Art as a collaboration point for developing specific projects & teams


File-Reg Systems founder wishing to support the Cultural Fusion idea and its potential offered its services to register the content in this site and works produced from it. The Source:Convergence was both the social/personal ideals and the creative inquiry into future open systems for transperancy and security in relation to intangible assets aka intellectual property.

File-Reg.com is the online registration service to prove copyright worldwide with registration servers on different continents.  


There is unlimited potential in actual sponsorship possibilities below a few are described,.

Download my white paper on social capital and CRM Strategy here and Attention Services brochure here) !! Sponsorship Benefits **Sponsorship** privileges to support cultivating social capital enhancing the visibility and value of the [Project:Sponsor] brand by inviting said sponsor as [Source:Collaborator] in an [Art:Work] based on a [SoulFood:Recipe] that by virtue of what it is operates easily on multiple levels to address complex challenges in [Attention:Contrast|Contrast] to a merely symptoms based approach.


These Art:Works Art:Projects Art:Series Art:Installations provide innovative CSR Solutions and Programs that embrace the sponsors needs as well as those that benefit from the said program or project, also known as winning by sharing to the x degree AND support for an [Art:Piece] as a solution for exploration developed in [Cultural_Fusion] , where the Project:Sponsor is invited into the [SoulFood:Kitchen] to help customize the [SoulFood:Recipe] to deliver a [SoulFood:Dish] [SoulFood:Menu] [SoulFood:Banquet] etc to their (potential, existing and previous) customers, friends, colleagues, partners, community, etc.


For example: A Socially Conscious [Installation:Art] as Art that also serves other purposes depending on the level at which you select to engage it. It is simultaneously an [Installation:Art] (performance-conceptual-process art, painting, digital-software art- sculpture-text), [WebAntiphon:Meaningful_Marketing|Meaningful_Marketing], CSR (corporate social responsibility), [WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy|Clear_CRM_Strategy], advance in automated [GSR-Global_Social_Responsibility] * Business:Sponsorship packages will vary with each [http://webantiphon.com/Sponsorship-Opportunites.php|opportunity]. *


Depending on sponsorship level this can include the purchase of the original. * !!! Contact [Humanity:Yvette_Dubel|me] to get information about current [SoulFood:Menu] * !!! An introduction to current opportunities is available to qualifying candidates. * Between ten and thirty-five percent of every transaction brokered through a [Cultural_Fusion] series or system will go to support selected community arts programs for community renewal. For my own originals it will be 35%, but for collaborations this can be negotiated to satisfy all involved.


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