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Resources are the SoulFood:Ingredients for the Cultural_Fusion SoulFood:Recipe.


A resource is a Source that is used to satisfy a human Need.

Example: Attention is love that is used to satisfy nourishment of the human body.


A resource is the apparently opposite of a Need

A resource is what a CF_Website:Member brings aboard to fullfill another CF_Website:Member's Need


Source and resource are a Attention:Bilocality.

  1. There is a flow (change) from Source to resource.
  2. The Need (low tide) is what pulls Source into resource.
  3. The Wealth (high tide) is what lets itself go.
  4. The Attention:Flow is from full to fullfillment.


The Process of thought (energy) and material (matter) is always in-formation (deconstruction)


List of business resources


  1. Business:Time
  2. Business:Money
  3. Business:Contacts
  4. Business:Skills
  5. Business:Credibility


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