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Cross Over


In the game of Business, money and Business:Trust are a bilocality. If you pay me then i do not have to trust you.


Dialogue about Wealth

April 3, 2007


Yvette Dubel says:

Ron, to me this story shows the "why" of money


actually my feeling was with regard to wealth...

with money one person can support many people in living their dream AND serving others

when i think about what is wealth that is what i feel.

Ronald Wopereis says:

yes wonderful story

also great that the guy's name is Bell

yes, the wealth of love

to have more love than one can share

is wealth ?


Yvette Dubel says:


very good way of boiling that down

great reduction


Ronald Wopereis says:

suppose you have 2.1 billion in love

and you donate 15 million in love

what happens ?

would you have 2.0 billion left ? or 2.2 billion left?

or another figure perhaps ?


Yvette Dubel says:

it's ever increasing

some flows out...more comes back

just like love

the more people i give love to the more love i have inside


Ronald Wopereis says:

so how can one be full of love ?


Yvette Dubel says:

the more people i give love to the more love i have inside

that is what happens

that is why one can not learn about true wealth by focusing on money

the truth of what money is has a visceral connection to love

that is the difference between just having some money and having enough of it to be considered wealthy

and that is why wealth seems to naturally increase when attention is given to Giving.

so now i see why money=love

and the connection between money and security

everyone needs love and no one feels secure without it.


Ronald Wopereis says:

excellent !

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