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Like oral traditions, this is where the SoulFood:Recipe is discovered &/or shared.





A dialogue is a Source:Collaboration Process between two or more CF_Website:Members and an invisible partner. In a casino blackjack table, the invisible partner would be the bank. The GamePlay:Goal of the dialogue is to find out what the rules of the bank are. In SoulFood terms these "rules of the bank" are called SoulFood:Vibes. Dialogue can ONLY occur inasmuch as each CF_Website:Member is aware of their Attention:Self_Value.


A dialogue is a Source:Collaboration Space where an Attention:Expert and another CF_Website:Member interact to get a clear definition of



here's an example of Dialogue


Yvette_Dubel says:

ok...I don't know how to put this in but here's what I feel

for each Comfusion:Founding_Member they'll have a signature SoulFood:Dish

I guess that'd be their recipe for collaboration with me


ok and this SoulFood:Dish

is a SoulFood:Menu SoulFood:Sample

like introducing a foreign SoulFood:Cuisine by handing out samples

each Project

is the SoulFood:Dish


Category: Attention

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