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Bilocality is two opposite perspectives on one and the same area.



Bilocality is anywhere you see one rise and one go down, or vice versa.


Example : balance sheet and income statement

balance are the steps, the footmarks ; income is the flow, the movement in between steps


Cross Over


The movements in Bilocality


Movement is that which has no beginning, no end.

Jiddhu Krishnamurti.


  • in zero dimensions, the movement looks like no movement. Oneness. No borders, no contrast, no movement.
  • adding a first dimension, the movement looks like a swing. Back and forth. Contract and expand.
  • adding a second dimension, the movement looks like a cycle. Breathing. Seasons. Daybreak is at the end of one swing ; nightbreak at the other end.
    • The pulse results from pressure waves moving through the blood vessels, which are pliable; it is not caused by the forward movement of the blood. When the heart contracts, blood is ejected into the aorta and the aorta stretches. At this point the wave of distention (pulse wave) is most pronounced, but relatively slow-moving (3 to 5 m/s). As it travels towards the peripheral blood vessels, it gradually diminishes and becomes faster.
    • !! Baby grows
  • adding a third dimension, the movement looks like a spiral. Growth. (*)
  • adding a fourth dimension, the movement looks like this : the spiral contracts and expands. Like going from wide, into a narrow tunnel or mirror, to wide.
    • !! Womb is empty, womb is full.


(*) To understand the third dimension, here's an exercise Humanity:Ronald_Wopereis picked up from Hans Planje, astrology teacher with Aurinko in the Netherlands. From their website: Aurinko is Finnish language, means "Sun". The symbol for the Essence , symbol for thé source of creativity and self expression. Thé creative power of the human being is to create life by living it. Aurinko wants to participate by teaching you a means that shows you what life is.



Exercise to experience the third dimension

Find two other people, the three of you find a large enough space to experience spiral movement. The experience is that of the moon running circles around the earth, while the earth runs circles around the sun. You represent the moon; the second person represents the earth; the third person represents the sun. Afterwards you can change roles, so everyone gets a chance to see, or rather to feel, the differences in viewpoint.


Beginning position:

The sun stands in the middle of the room.

The earth stands at a distance to the sun, such that in 365 steps she makes a full circle around the sun.

The moon stands in between sun and earth, as close as possible to the earth. With every step the earth makes, the moon completes one full circle around the earth.


Direction of movement:

is reverse-clockwise at all times. So from north to west to south to east to north.


Walking instructions:

The sun does not move because this is experience is limited to three dimensions.

The earth starts walking around the sun, paying attention ONLY to the sun.

The moon starts walking around the earth, paying attention ONLY to the earth.


Goal of the experience:

We want to let the moon experience something, so the earth should keep up the same speed at all times, paying attention ONLY to the sun. The pace is whatever the moon can handle.


Enjoy !





Bilocality refers to the law of two, the law of apparently opposites. More specifically, it refers to two opposite views of one and the same area.

It is said that opposites need one another; one could not live without the other. The reality is that it is this one and the same area beneath, the area that these opposites point at, which is the cause of this saying.


Example: The bilocality of ebb and flood.


List of bilocalities


Bilocality in the English language


IN- and EX- are MIND view ; RE- is BODY view

MIND can only see PARTS ; while BODY can only see WHOLES


__Attention:Resistance means that you feel something is pushing you that you pushed away previously__

To IN-sist presses from the outside in

To EX-ist presses from the inside out

To RE-sist : what goes up (EX-ist) must come down (IN-sist)

__Repression means that you are presented with what you pushed away__

To IM-press pushes from the outside in

To EX-press pushes from the inside out

TO RE-press : what goes up (EX-press) must come down (IM-press)

__Respect means that you get back what you were looking for__

TO IN-spect looking from the outside in

TO EX-pect looking from the inside out

TO RE-spect : what goes up (EX-pect) must come down (IN-spect)

__Respire means to breathe in and out repeatedly__

TO IN-spire breathe into

TO EX-pire breathe out

TO RE-spire : what goes up (EX-pire) must come down (IN-spire)

__Reception means to include that which was previously excluded__

TO INcept is to take in, to ingest

TO EXcept is to exclude

TO REcept : what goes up (EX-cept) must come down (IN-cept)


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