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Quotes about Conceptual and Process Art


 “Concept art is first of all an art of which the material is concepts, as the material of eg music is sound. Since concepts are closely bound up with language, concept art is a kind of art of which the material is language.”
- Henry Flint, from “Concept Art”(1961)

“Conceptual art was the point at which the conception of the artwork as an object of visual or, more broadly, spatial experience and pleasure was most directly and radically challenged...artists contested the aesthetic definition of the artwork by highlighting the role of ideas in the production of meaning from visual forms...Any attempt at a definition of conceptual art immediately runs up against the problem that definition is one of the main things at stake in conceptual art itself. Conceptual art, one might say, is art about the cultural act of definition...”
- Peter Osborne, Conceptual Art (Phaidon, 2002)


Art:Work in Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy


An art work is a SoulFood:Dish, the end result of a SoulFood:Recipe. The Art:Artist and Business:Customer are the SoulFood:Cooks adding SoulFood:Ingredients in the SoulFood tradition.


An art work is an Art:Project developed by an Art:Artist in Source:Collaboration with a Business:Customer that seeks to explore a question, thing, or idea.


An art work can be part of an Art:Series such as the Cultural_Fusion Art:Series


Update Sept. 4, 2008


Art:Work:Home_vs_Place_of_Origin is an example of what makes these different from traditionally commissioned art work or an Art:Project, although it can evolve into an art projct. 

These works begin or emerge from their own cause and then converge with the Business:Customer's need or an Artist's question.



Contact me to get information about current SoulFood:Menu


Work displayed have been developed in the process of conceptualizing sponsorsed Art:Works. An introduction to current opportunities is available to qualifying candidates.


2011 Update

More recent work maybe included in my Source:Artist blog and WebAntiphon.com blog or Facebook photo album


2012 Update

will be posted at http://www.attentioninstitute.com





List of art work / art series

  1. Immortal_Ego
  2. Cultural_Fusion
  3. World Reverence for Life University
  4. Project:Forgive


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