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An art project is a Project in the Context of Art



An art project is really a kind of SoulFood:Meal that results from certain SoulFood:Recipes.


An art project is a Source:Collaboration Space between a Business:Customer, a Project:Sponsor and an Art:Artist.


Yvette_Dubel said:


because the SoulFood:Vibe of the Project will tell me what SoulFood:Recipe is Needed for THIS SoulFood:Dish / SoulFood:Meal for THIS specific SoulFood:Guest(s)





Notes from Ronald_Wopereis:


So that is why Yvette defines a Project as a result, rather than a Process. For me as a former project_manager, to understand this very different content for exactly the same word, was quite revealing. I had to let go of all context before I got to understand what a Project is in terms of Art and Cultural_Fusion.



We may want to incorporate the two perspectives of men/Developer and women/Art:Artist separately.

For women/Art:Artist the fundament is Source:Love, a fullness without dimensions or borders.

for men/Developer the fundament is Attention, an emptiness that has only borders.


Borders are not the same as the lines that we think of when we draw borders.

Borders are in fact zero-length, zero-width, non-touching elements.


So from the women/Art:Artist 's perspective, the start is the result, the SoulFood.

From there the learning starts, which is essentially a flow of Love from one whole to the next. As a male/Developer, you Need to understand that this new whole still is seeking its borders. Without the borders it can not be contained, defined or understood.

It can only be felt.


And from the men/Developer's perspective, the start is the emptiness, the SoulFood:Recipe.

From there the learning starts, which is essentially the building of the parts into a whole which is called framework. As a female/Art:Artist, you need to understand that this framework still is empty. Without the Love flowing in, it can not be felt.

It can only contain, define, and explain.




In terms of the Man/Developer (mind) , a project is the uncertainty in between two certain states. It is the act of taking the next step, the falling of the body before landing on the other foot.

In terms of the Woman/Art:Artist (body) , a project is a feeling of "feeling the baby inside the womb". Men/Developer need to understand that the baby was always a whole and will always be a whole: in between there is growth and change, nevertheless it is always a whole.


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List of art projects

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