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this is part of the endeavor to explore the Context of Art in Art Based Solutions



Art is the Context in which the artist is the SoulFood:Cook in the SoulFood tradition




Art is expression of intuition, is the power internal, is Attention - where intuition is the direct perception of meaning or truth, with or without  interference from conscious reasoning.


With regard to Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy

Art is produced by an Art::Artist

Art is exhibited in a Knowledge sharing Event by an Event::Organizer or Conceptual Artist

  with the exhibition event as Performance:Art and the event organizer is also the Artist.


Business and art are poles, sides, in one and the same Attention:Flow so they are a Attention:Bilocality.


Pages in this space

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  3. Art:Creative_Content
  4. Art:Movement
  5. Art:Painting
  6. Art:Piece
  7. Art:Project
  8. Art:Reception
  9. Art:Series
  10. Art:Type
  11. Art:Work


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Yvette said

at 12:14 am on Aug 16, 2007

Ron, i've uploaded more of my artwork
Soul Violation.JPG
Hotel Infinity visual concepts
hotel infinity floor plan.png

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